Nanum-mujeres conectadas: Women leading technological innovation for climate change adaptation /

At Fundación Gran Chaco we promote digital inclusion processes led by women through the NANUM initiative.

NANUM is a trinational project (Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay) funded by IDB Lab and implemented by Fundación Avina in coordination with: Fundación Gran Chaco, ACDI, and SolRural in Argentina; Fundación Nativa in Bolivia; and Grupo Sunú and Sombra de Árbol in Paraguay. This alliance emerged from the intersection of two initiatives: Gran Chaco Nanum Village, which promotes connectivity and digital literacy, and Gran Chaco Proadapt, which strengthens the adaptation and resilience capacities of communities in the South American Chaco.


NANUM is a project that aims to improve the adaptation and resilience capacities of rural communities in the South American Chaco through access to technologies that reduce isolation. The goal of the project is to promote the role of women as change agents that can access and usher in disruptive solutions via rural connectivity and innovative approaches to organizational and productive development.

The isolation of rural populations causes:
1. Barriers to internet CONNECTIVITY due to the high costs of investing in infrastructure.
2. Community ORGANIZATIONS lack access to information, resources, and the market.
3. Productive systems lack access to INNOVATION.




1. CONNECTIVITY: This pillar aims to connect 40 rural indigenous and criollo communities in the South American Chaco to the internet, achieving at least 5,000 home internet connections and bringing connectivity for the first time to the most isolated communities. In order to achieve this, we will bring together local communities, national and local government officials, and the private sector to promote public and private investment in the infrastructure needed for connectivity in the region, ensuring the profitability and the scalability of the proposed solutions. The largest internet service providers will work with women-led NANUM businesses, who will supply and manage the last mile of the network.


2. ORGANIZATION: Under this pillar, 40 women-led NANUM businesses will be formed and will provide residential internet service in the three countries, solidifying women’s role as change agents in their communities. In order to achieve this, we will support women in developing leadership capacities through a training and technical assistance program that will focus on the following three areas: Strengthening the structure and operations of the women’s organizations; Digital literacy and strategic ICT ownership; and Business administration and management, with a special focus on internet businesses.


3. INNOVATION: With access to the internet and ICT in place, the third pillar will encourage the creation of small businesses and enterprises to take strategic ownership over innovations that will accelerate the development of local productive systems.
This pillar will help small producers in the South American Chaco to access information, services, and disruptive digital solutions – new or existing -that respond to the challenges of climate change adaptation and productive development. These solutions may offer access to climate information (such as the early alert system), market information, credit options, information about agricultural technology (ag-tech), or e-commerce platforms, among others.


The NANUM connectivity centers are expected to function as a space for innovation that will positively impact the entire community and that will respond to the main problems faced by communities in the South American Chaco.

If you want to know more about the Nanum initiative, you can click here 



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